You’ve got the strategy and the goals

But it’s your people who’ll make it happen

If you’re looking to enhance performance, communication and loyalty, you need an engaged and motivated team to take you where you want to go.

Our consulting service helps you to access the full potential of everyone in your team.

With a clear understanding of the challenges and problems your people are facing we’ll explore the behavioural and motivational influences that will make a difference.

Our Puritas Training Needs Analysis identifies your unique skill strengths and gaps to determine the best path forward to drive change.

And guided by a range of assessment tools* we help you to understand the behaviours, aptitudes, and emotional intelligence that engages your team to fully develop their potential.

Take the first step towards change with our free initial consultation. And discover how our approach benefits the development of your people and your business.

*accredited partner of Thomas International

Why Puritas?

  • Your business is our absolute focus. We put you and your people at the heart of our bespoke training solutions so that you get the most from everything you invest.
  • Small team – big results. We build strong relationships based on personal service, attention to detail and years of experience to benefit your business for the long term.
  • You’ll love what we do. Over 90% of businesses that work with us continue to do so on a repeat basis – because what we deliver works


What are the benefits of consulting

If you’re looking to improve team morale or sales performance, develop positive attitudes, or improve staff retention, you need to understand what’s holding your people back from their best. Consulting helps identify the developmental needs across your team that will have the biggest impact and enable the change you need to move forward.

How does consulting work?

Starting with a free initial consultation to understand your priorities, our full paid-for consulting service digs deep into your business to establish how we can help. Offering tools to explore gaps and opportunities and identify the training or coaching that meets your needs

What assessment tools do you offer?

As an accredited partner of Thomas International we use a bespoke mix of assessment tools to understand:

• Behaviour
• Personality
• Aptitude
• Emotional Intelligence
• 360 Feedback
• Engagement

What is the assessment process?

First, we help you to understand which assessments will benefit which individuals the most.

Then, we’ll guide you and your team through completing these short online assessments before helping to interpret and analyse the data to identify your next steps.

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2:30 Minute Watch | Benefits of Puritas Consultancy Services

Studies show that businesses with highly engaged workforces benefit from increased productivity, revenues and profits.

Thomas International

What our clients say

Their breadth of knowledge means they create interesting content, but also have the skill to adapt to the audience to provide really tailored, practical learning.

Nina Metson | Internal Communications & Engagement Specialist

Good information that makes you think outside the box

Sales Manager


Want to get the very best from your people? Puritas expert coaches offer invaluable insights to individuals, helping them to face ongoing challenges, improve the impact of training, build confidence, boost wellbeing and make change happen faster.

Find out how 1:1 coaching helps individuals to focus on furthering their personal development to deliver their best.


Looking to upskill and motivate your people for the long term? We design and deliver training programmes tailored to the needs of your business based on a range of learning styles and approaches. Find out how our bespoke training helps to maximise the potential of your people and your investment.


Puritas’ professional development Retreats offer the opportunity you need to nurture your personal developmental needs and enhance your skills in a supportive, energising environment. Building your confidence and connecting with like-minded individuals along the way.