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That gets the very best from your people – at every level.

Developing individuals to reach their full potential takes time and energy, as well as the know-how, to nurture the skills they need to build confidence and improve performance.

And with constant new challenges to face it’s easy to fall back into old ways without follow up, accountability and support.

By focusing on their specific needs, 1:1 coaching helps individuals to overcome barriers, take accountability, gain new direction in their path forward and unlock their full potential.

Coaching embeds the skills and behaviours learned whilst building the confidence needed to deliver big results. Making it an ideal solution for taking learning beyond the training room and making change happen faster.

Take the first step towards change with our free initial consultation. And discover how the Puritas approach benefits the development of your people and your business.

Why Puritas?

  • Your business is our absolute focus. We put you and your people at the heart of our bespoke training solutions so that you get the most from everything you invest.
  • Small team – big results. We build strong relationships based on personal service, attention to detail and years of experience to benefit your business for the long term.
  • You’ll love what we do. Over 90% of businesses that work with us continue to do so on a repeat basis – because what we deliver works.


Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for everyone – and we’ve seen the difference it makes at all levels.

From building the confidence of managers or leaders ready to make strong and strategic business decisions: to developing the skills and behaviours of ambitious individuals ready to progress their careers – 1:1 coaching benefits all.

Available for any number of individuals within your business it helps them to understand both themselves and the wider business environment to work out where and how to deliver their best.

What’s the difference between training and coaching?

Coaching differs from training as it works on a 1:1 level, at the pace of the individual. Gaining clarity through questioning to reveal the challenges someone is facing. And helping them to grow and develop their mindset, aptitude and skills to make a positive impact in your business.

Coaching is also ideal as an alternative to training for small teams. Focusing on individual needs to benefit the overall team development.

How does coaching work?

Our coaching is designed to work around an individual’s work (and life) commitments. Sessions typically last 90-minutes and are carried out virtually or sometimes face to face. Details can then be shared (in agreement with the individual) with managers to help with their development or be kept completely confidential where needed.

How is coaching different from mentoring?

Whereas mentoring is about providing advice from a place of experience. Coaching with its gentle prods, thought provoking questions and guidance, is about the how. Guided by the coach it helps the individual to maximise their potential by understanding themselves to change behaviours and take accountability to solve problems and challenges.

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1 Minute Watch | Benefits of Puritas Coaching

“All people have innate qualities that enable them to excel in particular ways. Matching those strengths to task or role can create extraordinary performance outcomes.”

Gallup, 2018

What our clients say

After each session with Rachael I felt very positive and motivated with clear actions I could use straight away to help me achieve my desired outcomes

Natalie | Sales Manager

Rachael was a personal coach to me and was always on hand to give any tips or guidance between sessions. She really took the time to understand where my key areas for development were and my confidence has come on leaps and bounds

Steph | Mackenzie King

Rachael was able to give us some really good examples and draw on experiences from her own working life.

Sales Manager


Looking to upskill and motivate your people for the long term? We design and deliver training programmes tailored to the needs of your business based on a range of learning styles and approaches. Find out how our bespoke training helps to maximise the potential of your people and your investment.


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