Due to the bespoke nature of the services we provide, all fees are payable upon the signing of the proposal document that we issue (within 7 days of invoicing) and no refunds are applicable.

No additional travel costs will be charged for on-site delivery.

Our quoted delivery costs are based upon all courses being delivered on site at the clients premises or at a venue/location provided and paid for by the client.

All suitable equipment and sufficient training space is to be provided and if required, all refreshments and food is to be provided by the client at their cost.

Online virtual courses will be delivered via Zoom.

We reserve the right to cancel any of the dates agreed due to unforeseen circumstances but we are committed to agreeing a suitable replacement date subject to approval by the client. Should this not be possible, a full refund will be provided for the date/s cancelled. All other terms and conditions apply.

A full guide to our terms and conditions are available upon request. For further information please contact us via email at engage@puritas.org.uk