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A Client Success Story

Management & Leadership Learning At Beckett’s

This month, we’re thrilled to highlight the success of Becketts Management Training, where our bespoke training programme has significantly empowered their managers to overcome challenges, learn and grow as leaders.

Watch the video to hear from them directly about their own personal learning outcomes, and what the best thing they each learnt on the management training programme.

Case Study: Bespoke Training for Becketts Managers

Programme: Managing and Developing Beckett Talent
Provider: Rachael McCall from Puritas


The objective of the programme was to design and deliver bespoke training modules tailored to the needs of Becketts managers. These modules, delivered through facilitated workshops, aimed to equip managers with the strategies to nurture potential, deliver impactful feedback, enhance management skills, and inspire and motivate their teams.

Evaluation Process

A comprehensive pre and post evaluation process was implemented. Delegates completed questionnaires before and after the training sessions to assess their focus areas and review their progress alongside action planning how they would implement their new learning, back with their teams. The results were shared with the business to facilitate follow-up development sessions for increased learning and follow through for all. In addition each module was assessed by all participants in relation to the content, the presentation and delivery of the training and it’s relevance to their own personal learning objectives and needs. Across all 3 areas and for all modules the results where in excess of 8/10 and above consistently.


This bespoke approach ensured that the training was directly relevant and impactful, contributing to the professional development of Becketts’ leadership team. We are delighted to continue working with them on the next phase of the programme and are thrilled that they have shared their individual takeaways in the video above.

Why We Love Working with Clients This Way

At Puritas, we thrive on creating tailored training solutions that address the unique needs of our clients. Collaborating closely with organisations like Becketts allows us to develop and implement programmes that not only meet their specific requirements but also drive significant improvements in leadership and management. This personalised approach ensures lasting impact and meaningful growth, making our work incredibly rewarding. We are passionate about empowering leaders to reach their full potential and witnessing the transformative effects of our training on their teams and overall organisational success.

Thank You

A big thank you to Becketts for their partnership and trust in Puritas and to Rebecca Ellis, Becketts HR Project Manager for having the vision and drive to make this happen. We look forward to continuing our journey together and supporting the ongoing development and success of your leadership team.

If you’re interested in designing and delivering a management and leadership training programme tailored to your people and their learning needs, aligned with your culture and preferred learning environment, reach out to us. This is our area of expertise, and we do it very well.

To view some of the course topics available to build your own programme, visit Puritas Course Topics. This is just a sample of options, and we can create a bespoke programme just for you and your business, we would love to hear from you.