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Loneliness At The Top For Women

Loneliness as a Female Leader: Breaking the Silence

60% of women in leadership roles feel lonelier as their careers progress, while many men reported feeling less lonely at this stage in their careers.

Loneliness knows no boundaries—it can seep into the most successful careers, affecting women in leadership roles more profoundly than we realise. According to a recent report by, Berlin Cameron, and Benenson Strategy, a staggering 60% of women in leadership roles report feeling increasingly lonely as their careers progress. This stark contrast to men, who often feel less lonely as they advance, sheds light on a critical issue affecting women’s health, relationships, and opportunities for success.

McKinsey’s ‘Women in the Workplace 2023’ report echoes this sentiment, emphasising the toll of the ‘always on’ culture, with one-third of women struggling to switch off. The repercussions are dire—many women opt to step away from senior leadership positions or exit the workforce altogether, posing significant challenges for future succession planning and the cultivation of female leadership talent pools.

As an Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact of loneliness on women striving to reach their full potential. It’s the one thing that holds them back from realising their leadership aspirations. Now, more than ever, they need a supportive environment to reflect, recharge, and gain insights from mentors and networks.

Here are my 4 strategies for personal support you can action:

#1 – Being Intentional:

How are you being more intentional about looking after yourself? It’s essential to carve out time for self-care and reflection amidst the chaos. Whether it’s setting boundaries, scheduling regular breaks, or engaging in activities that bring you joy, prioritise your well-being to sustain your leadership journey.

#2- Letting Go To Gain Ground:

What needs to shift to free you up to do things that will provide you with renewed energy and utilise your strengths and purpose? Take stock of your priorities and commitments, and identify areas where you can delegate, streamline processes, or let go of tasks that drain your energy. By freeing up time and mental space, you can focus on activities that ignite passion and drive positive change.

#3 – Disconnecting to Reflect:

How often do you detach from the ‘noise’ around you, to allow space to simply reflect? Amidst the constant buzz of emails, notifications, and meetings, other needs, and being the ‘one’ everyone looks to for answers,  it’s essential to unplug and create moments of quiet reflection. Disconnecting from technology enables us to gain clarity, cultivate mindfulness, and nurture creativity and pause, the always-on culture.

#4 – Developing Your Personal Board:

Who are the confidantes you are turning to for input and ongoing support? Building a network of trusted advisors and mentors is invaluable in navigating the challenges of leadership. Seek out individuals who offer diverse perspectives, guidance, and a listening ear to support you through both triumphs and tribulations.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity to lift the lid on Female leadership loneliness and foster meaningful connections with other women in similar positions.

If you’re ready to transcend the challenges of leadership loneliness and embrace your full potential, book your place at the ‘Intrinsically You’ retreat today. Together, let’s redefine leadership and create a future where women thrive, inspire, and lead with confidence.

So, let’s nourish ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—so that we can lead with clarity, increased visibility and agility, fulfilling our purpose. After all, a well-nurtured leader is better equipped to inspire and empower others towards greatness.