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Founder of Puritas, Rachael McCall launches her book ‘Clarity’ for leadership.

Here is a sneak peek at Rachael’s inspiration behind the book.

In 2017, I was asked to design and deliver a piece of work on personal branding for Waddington Brown, East Anglia-based HR recruitment consultancy, for their Aspiring HR Professionals programme. It was a fantastic opportunity to help individuals understand the importance of developing their personal brand and how to use it to advance their careers, as aspiring HR directors.

As I developed my contribution to this programme, I added a workbook with exercises that allowed participants to document, validate, and distill new learnings by digging deeper into understanding themselves better. I am still actively involved in this project, eight years on, and have continued to deliver it annually to new cohorts. It is a rewarding experience to see individuals benefit from the knowledge and skills gained in the workshop and witness their growth in their respective fields. I have been amazed at how impactful and even life-changing the programme has been for many of the participants.

“Clarity on who we truly are, what matters to us and therefore how we position ourselves in the world takes reflection and time. That time is a gift we can give ourselves, knowing it will help shape our decisions, actions and priorities in the future. Rachael’s work in this area has helped the nearly 100 delegates who have been part of our HR Leadership Academy over the past 8 years, and I have no doubt will continue to resonate with future cohorts.”


Nina Metson, Managing Director

Waddington Brown 

The feedback I have received on the impact of the workbook on aiding professional growth has been particularly impressive. I have continued to use the workbook and developed it further for my coaching practice and other signature courses over the past few years and have included key elements and much more in writing this leadership book ‘Clarity’ – A journal of self-discovery.

This work, in conjunction with the development of my three pillars underpinning behavioural change for leadership identity – Clarity, Visibility, and Agility – are the beginnings and inspiration behind this journal and the other two in the series, launching later in the year.

In you would like to receive a copy of the book, it launches on 1st March, with the first 3 chapters available for free – register your interest here.